Our story

Barndrømmen, an association with a social objective, was founded in 2011 byDorthe Foged, a former Director of the Danish Cultural Institute in the UK. We work to ensure that all children and young people are able to access and experience art and cultural activities in their everyday lives. We believe that the seven educational areas within the arts are important factors in strengthening the well-being, creativity and innovative abilities of children.


Thousands of children and young people live in disadvantaged and financially poor circumstances and their numbers are rising. The latest figures from the National CASA Association and the Economic Council of the Labour movement shows that the living conditions for more than 67,000 children in Denmark fall below the OECD poverty line. 14,700 of these children have lived in such conditions for more than 3 years. These children and young people do not receive the same benefits and experiences that others of their age groups take for granted. The children therefore feel a sense of deprivation and exclusion from the community, which leads to a lack of social responsibility.

Barndrømmen especially focus on these children, but our goal is to reach as many children as possible in Denmark and elsewhere, regardless of their financial, social or geographical backgrounds.


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