The Cultural Children’s Summits – the purpose of which is to collect and communicate international knowledge of how art and culture improve children’s well being, learning abilities, cognitive development and the establishment of their identities and future development.

The summits will focus on art and culture as means to empower children and young people in various ways. Despite their different backgrounds and social circumstances, all children have abilities and potentials that can be realised. Art and culture has long been a much-undervalued working method.
If we invest in the potential of children, the whole of society will benefit.
The Cultural Children’s Summits work towards a general acceptance in education that the various disciplines within the arts are just as necessary elements in the education and development of children as language and mathematics. 

The focus is inclusion, avoiding group marginalisation, and of citizenship for all concerned. We must fight to ensure the eradication of the difference between those who can expand their worldviews and those who cannot.  

It is about highlighting that art and culture can help fully develop the individual child and make an impact on the society in which the child is raised. We have known this for many years, but it is time to convert knowledge to action.  

The summits gather professionals and politicians together to exchange evidence and experiences, so we can learn from each other, and together come up with methods to implement art and culture as a fixture in the everyday lives of children. 

Barndrømmen created the Cultural Children’s Summit 2016 in collaboration with the UK organisation Children & the Arts, ounded by Print Charles. The Cultural Children’s Summit also work with other organisations who focus on using art and culture as a development tool for children and young people.

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