In today’s society, the possibilities for access to art and culture for children are not the same for all whether it is socially or geographically. Many Danish children do not have any access at all. However, all children and young people require cultural activities and art in their every day lives. Barndrømmen is created for and work towards this goal.

Cultural events are not just something nice to experience, something that will raise your spirit and enthuse. You also gain new energy, a positive frame of mind and a belief of self-worth.

Research into child development show marked improvement, especially for underprivileged children, when they have access to art and cultural activities. It is more than just a valuable experience: It directly affects their schooling in a positive manner. Children become better communicators with the ability to express themselves in better ways. They will see themselves in a different light; get motivated to try new and other things and to achieve their goals.

The focus of the work that Barndrømmen do is to expand the worldview of children and young people, to help them utilize their potential and to make them look at what is possible rather than be hemmed in by limitations. This will not only be to the benefit of the child, but also to society as a whole, as the result is children and young people who see themselves as active members of society.

In 2015 Barndrømmen received ’Gerda prisen’ [The Gerda award] due to: ”Barndrømmen is an exceptional example of the harnessing of volunteers and the involvement of civilians and they have shown a marked initiative and developed new methodology which has been transformed into action and better living conditions for children.”

The association Barndrømmen started in autumn 2010.

Barndrømmen work within two specific areas of interest:

  • Go Creative – a national cultural project with a creative concept, supporting and motivating children to dream and to act upon their dreams. Go Creative was developed by Barndrømmen in collaboration with a strong team of professionals and creative, artistic minds. 49,000 children in Denmark are currently involved in Go Creative.

  • The Cultural Children’s Summits purpose is to collect and communicate international knowledge of how art and culture improve children’s well being, learning abilities, the establishment of their identities and future development. The first Cultural Children’s Summit 2016 was organised by Barndrømmen in collaboration with the, by Prince Charles, founded UK organisation Children & the Arts.
    The next children's cultural summit takes place 2 - 3 May 2022, after which Barndrømmen will make the summit an annual cultural event.

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